About the Author
Peggy loves many things - books, her small town, playing with her grandchildren, teaching Kindergarten and First Graders, her multitude of pets, and writing stories. She lives in dairy community in Central California with her husband, two daughters, son-in-law, grandson and granddaughter. Peggy has been a teacher for thirty years and commutes three hours a day-she loves audio books! She is the Past-President of Capitol Crimes, the Sacramento chapter of Sisters In Crime, a member of Northern California Publishers and Authors and Romance Writer's of America.

Under Peggy Dulle, she writes three mystery series: The Liza Wilcox Mysteries: Death is Clowning Around, Apple Pots and Funeral Plots, Secrets at Sea, Saddle Up, Till Death Do Us Part and Web of Deception. The Get A Way Diner Mysteries: The River's Secret, A Kept Secret and Secrets Revealed. The Spirit Walking Mysteries: Spirit of Consequence and Spirit of the Game.

Under PD Musso, she writes a Science Fiction Series and a Fantasy Series. Science Fiction: The Hunter Series: Dawn of Destiny and Dawn of Desire. Fantasy:Blood Badge Series: Recruitment, Revealment and Reawakening.
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