Death is Clowning Around
After eight months of teaching five-year-olds, kindergarten teacher Liza Wilcox is more than ready for spring break. Try as she might, her frustrating computer refuses to display the correct date. While investigating the date on the Internet, the face of a kidnapped child, Jessie McGowan, reminds her of her own unresolved trauma in her own life. Would searching for Jessie help heal the hurt and sense of loss Liza feels?
Liza packs up her dog, Shelby, and spends her break investigating the ten-year old kidnapping with the help of Justin Weaver, a wheel-chair bound former student. In Gainsville she meets Sheriff Tom Owens. Liza feels an instant physical attraction to him. Nevertheless, she ignored his warnings and delves further into the kidnapping.

As she explores the crime, she encounters a bizarre, mysterious clown school that specializes in mind-control, drugs and pornography.
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