Peggy loves many things - books, her small town, playing with her grandchildren, traveling and writing stories. She lives in dairy community in Central California with her husband, two daughters, son-in-law, grandson and granddaughter. Peggy recently retired after teaching Kindergarten and First Grade students for 32 years! She is the Past-President of Capitol Crimes, the Sacramento chapter of Sisters In Crime and a member of Northern California Publishers and Authors.

Under Peggy Dulle, she writes three mystery series: The Liza Wilcox Mysteries: Death is Clowning Around, Apple Pots and Funeral Plots, Secrets at Sea, Saddle Up, Till Death Do Us Part, Web of Deception and Rendezvous with Obsession. The Get A Way Diner Mysteries: The River's Secret, A Kept Secret, Secrets Revealed and Buried Secrets. The Spirit Walking Mysteries: Spirit of Consequence, Spirit of the Game and Spirit of Fortune

Under PD Musso, she writes a Science Fiction Series and a Fantasy Series. Science Fiction: The Hunter Series: Dawn of Destiny, Dawn of Desire and Dawn of Decision. Fantasy:Blood Badge Series: Recruitment, Revealment and Reawakening.
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