Web of Deception
Liza and Tom’s wedding was magical and terrifying. Now they are on their way to Las Vegas for a honeymoon to relax and celebrate. Although, it is still a toss-up as to who wants Liza dead the most – the eco-terrorists, the gangs or the assassin. So, Tom puts into place security measures that Liza neither welcomes nor wants
Kenny, Liza’s best friend, is following the trail of a battered and missing girl. Now he is on his way to Las Vegas to save the abused girl and to obtain leverage to destroy the abuser. Although, it is still a toss-up as to whether Kenny’s soul will survive the abyss he stands on in his search for retribution. So, Liza involves herself in Kenny’s quest in order to save the friend she so desperately needs.

Before everything is lost – Liza, Tom and Kenny must work together against the Russian mob, past villains and their own needs and integrity to save all the girls.
Can Liza and Tom’s marriage survive the web of lies and deception that must be woven to save the girls? Can they afford to pay the ultimate price for those deceptions?
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