Rendezvous with Obsession
                        Obsession encourages thought and innovation . . . but it can also get you killed!

                                                Nothing stays the same . . . as everything changes!

Everyone has lost what they truly loved. Liza is no longer teaching, Tom isnít a cop, and Kenny can no longer be a lawyer. But not even those losses can break the ties that bind the lives of Liza, Tom, and Kenny together.
Until a woman walks through the door of their investigation and security firm to shatter their new life in a Northern California seaside coast town.
The FBIís newest obsession is with Pamela Owens, Tomís ex-wife. They have labeled her as a Black Widow. Sheís under investigation for the murder of her last husband, as well as her two previous husbands and several lovers.
Itís up to Tom, Kenny, and Liza to prove her innocence and discover the person responsible before sheís incarcerated and loses her son. Most importantly, they need to get Pamela out of their lives.
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