Spirit of Fortune
Can a mother ever forget the kidnapping of her child or live with the uncertainty of that child’s fate?

Every week, Mrs. Hatches goes into the police station at Gold Camp to ask for help in finding her daughter, Dolly, who’s been missing for twenty years. She’s been blamed, ignored, and ridiculed but has never given up asking for help and searching for her daughter.

Dodge, Samantha and a team of investigators finally begin to listen and that one child’s kidnapping investigation leads to the discovery of many abductions that span almost three quarters of a century. Every day the investigation uncovers another unsolved kidnapping, missing person, and one more family living with the uncertainty of their lost loved one.

When someone close to home becomes the next victim, they must ask themselves what would they be willing to do to secure and protect their family and future? And could the kidnapper be asking themselves the same question?
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