Three groups are on a collision course to destruction on a cataclysmic scale.

Genetically engineered human-demon, Annie, her vampire boyfriend, Jared, and best friend, Glen, are ready to enjoy a rest-filled vacation with no demons, no death threats and no near-death experiences, while her lab-engineered brother, Thad, continues to soar around the world in his dragon form.

The Prime Witches Council investigator and assassin, Lucas Blankenship, is searching for missing magical artifacts while other members search for a prophetic new sorcerer with ultimate power. Everyone in the magical community is wondering whether that power will be used for good or evil.

Sandy Mason lives in a small rural community, along with her best friend, Sheila, and longtime boyfriend, Tony. Her biggest concerns are what tea to serve at the tea bar in her quirky boutique and why she feels so unbalanced in the life she’s created.

They race against time as they frantically search for the missing answer to save themselves and the world.
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