Dawn of Decision
In every life there are choices and in this latest Hunter novel, Stephanie, Todd and Gabriel must make decisions about the direction of their lives, as they worry about the repercussions of those decisions.

Stephanie continues to hunt the creatures that come into the world from another dimension as she worries about her twin daughters’ failing health. Should she dig further into her heritage, even though it may permanently affect her family and their future together?

Todd Rainer’s private investigation firm is contending with multiple investigations - a murder, a missing person, and the unexplained deaths of several patients at a prominent hospital. Should Todd reach out to Stephanie’s soulmate to save her life, even if he risks losing her?

Gabriel Rothman, Stephanie’s soul mate, has trouble of his own in New Orleans trying to keep the drug Olympus off the street, rescuing victims of human trafficking and dealing with his friend Sarah’s abusive boyfriend. Should he decide to help his soulmate, even though it may destroy her family?

Their decisions collide as the twins are kidnapped and transported to the other dimension where a religious sect is using them as leverage to force some decisions of their own.
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